Postgraduate Pathway in Finance

Our MSc Finance programme is designed for aspiring financial professionals. We can help you accelerate your career prospects by sharpening your analytical and critical reasoning skills, and honing your financial knowledge and technical proficiency.


Students can expect to gain a global perspective on the overseas financial environment with three flexible study options giving you more control over your time.
The course aims to help you to develop skills, competencies, knowledge, and understanding demanded by a complex financial environment and to enhance problem-solving skills in corporate financial management. You will foster an understanding of the global financial environment, with particular reference to stock markets and institutional issues, and the implications of this for financial management decisions and policies.


You will begin to grasp an understanding of the implications of a firm's financial strategies on investor income, wealth and risk and develop an understanding of the complex, diverse and international nature of financial management.


By the end of the course, students will be able to demonstrate technical competence and knowledge in econometrics, which can provide a sound basis for dissertation preparation and the possibility of subsequent postgraduate research in finance.


This pathway is specifically designed to allow international students to reach their full potential in pursuit of a Plymouth University Master's degree.

Pathways at Plymouth University

Minimum 15 Years Education

Stage 1: Pre-Masters in Finance Stage 2: Masters Degree

£8,950 (one semester)




Stage 1: One or two semesters


Stage 1: January and May

Stage 1: Pre-Masters in Finance


PUIC at Plymouth University


  • Critical Thinking

  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

  • Research Skills

  • Dissertation*

  • Global Marketing*

  • Managing Human resources*

* These modules are only available on the extended pathway.

Stage 2: Masters Degree


Plymouth School of Business

Please note: Masters Modules differ depending on the pathway, you can find out more about them on the Plymouth University website by clicking the links below:

Successful completion of this pathway will lead to the following degree award at Plymouth University: