Postgraduate Pathway in Business

  • Save time and money with our flexible start dates - (January and May)
  • Graduate with an industry valued and globally recognised Masters degree
  • Small classes and personalised attention
  • Industry professionals and state of the art teaching methods combine to give you a real career edge
This pathway is specifically designed to allow international students to reach their full potential in pursuit of a Plymouth University Master's degree.

Pathways at Plymouth University

Minimum 15 Years Education

Stage 1: Pre-Masters in Business Stage 2: Masters Degree

£8,950 (one semester)

£11,000 - £12,950



Stage 1: One or two semesters


Stage 1: January and May

Stage 1: Pre-Masters in Business


PUIC at Plymouth University


  • Critical Thinking

  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication

  • Research Skills

  • Dissertation*

  • Global Marketing*

  • Managing Human resources*

* These modules are only available on the extended pathway.

Stage 2: Masters Degree


Plymouth Business School

Please note: Masters Modules differ depending on the pathway, you can find out more about them on the Plymouth University website by clicking the links below:

Successful completion of this pathway will lead to the following degree award at Plymouth University: